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    The business bridge between Asia and Latin America

  • Who We Are

    We always strive for the best

    Execution - Innovation - Integrity - Passion - Results

    Puente Asia is an International Consultancy Company focused on Education, Trading and Investment.

    Founded in 2007, Puente Asia is relaunching its image and services.

    Due to its experience, Puente Asia aims to be a top connector between Asia and Latin America.

  • What We Do

    Connecting the World

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    Analysis, Strategy, Planning, Product and Services Development

    A real and up to date understanding of the needs of the clients and consumers is the foundation of any project.

    Asia being the most dynamic region in the World deserves a detailed and customised approach in order to succeed.

    Puente Asia brings its expertise to you!

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    Operations Management

    Due Diligence, Business Development, Implementation, Marketing, Distribution Channels, Representation and Sales

    From the beginning till the end, Puente Asia provides

    customised products and services to be executed providing the best results with the minimum investment.

    Puente Asia uses its wide network to operate!

  • Services

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    Providing the Knowledge

    There is never a secret recipe to succeed in business but understanding the way how other countries operate give us better probabilities


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    Fullfiling the Needs

    In a globalized world providing products and services seems easy but creating and anticipating the demand is our challenge

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    Finding Opportunities

    Capitalizing the connections and network of the different regions to generate businesses

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